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Windamere Highlights

India - Tea and Tourism. Denis Gray, Associated Press - December, 2012


JORHAT, India (AP) -- ``This is your own home now,'' announces our host, welcoming us to Thengal Manor. And we wish it was, this gracious residence of one of India's great tea dynasties who have opened their villa, its idyllic gardens and an impeccable 15-strong staff to overnight visitors.

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Right Place, Magic Results

'Right Place, Magic Results' - Denis Gray, Associated Press & Times Colonist, Canada.

Ruling over estates is the manger, described as a benevolent despot who like his British antecedents still retains a large staff and observes strict protocol. His bungalow, in the words of one Indian author, "is to the garden flok what Windsor Castle is to British citizens." "And why did tea tourism get started?"

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'Head for the Hills' - Jet Wings in - flight magazine - October, 2012

Join us as we revisit northern India’s all-time favourite Hill stations.

The British had the right idea - hill stations, far from the searing heat of the plains, make for great summer retreats. But while it was the British who gilded these small towns with an inviting halo of difference, it was Bollywood that clinched the deal. Once sealed with a stamp of approval from the likes of Shammi Kapoor and Rajesh Khanna, there was no looking back - every lover must sing a song in Shimla, romance by the lake in Nainital, cosy up in a Kullu shawl in Manali, take the toy train to Darjeeling and get a picture taken with Ruskin Bond in Mussoorie. In the following pages we explore those familiar woods through different perspectives, each with its own tinge of nostalgia, its own dappled sunlight, its own crisp breeze, and its own childhood stories.

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Easter Retreat in The Himalayas

“This is to say a BIG thanks for being such wonderful, gracious and generous hosts during the Wellness retreat. As I mentioned to Elizabeth, your hospitality wasn't just satisfactory, it was beyond our expectations.

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Easter at Windamere: a Well-Being Retreat

A group wellness retreat with Rujuta Diwekar in the Darjeeling Himalaya, hosted at the Windamere hotel. 10th‒16th April '11.

Kangchendzonga. Crisp air. Yoga. Run. Hike. Tea. Lots and lots of food. Got the idea? You are going to be with Rujuta, in the Himalaya, and its going to be anything but regular. A one of its kind retreat with structured activities, learning sessions about your body and its ever-changing nutrition requirements and a peak into the life in the Himalaya. And all this while staying at the only truly authentic Colonial Hotel in the Darjeeling Hills. You will come back with a fitter and toned body, a customized eating plan and an inner calm that only Himalaya can give.

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The world's best colonial hotels

Jeremy Lazell and Richard Green pack their linen suits & panamas for a tour of the world's classiest colonial hotels
from The Sunday Times, October 28, 2007

Whisper it, but are hotels becoming dull? Frette-Egyptian-cotton this, widescreen-plasma that ... close the curtains, crack open the minibar, and you could be anywhere from Khartoum to Kowloon. Where's the history? Where's the magic? Where, frankly, is the romance?

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Sacred heights

An article by Simon Courtauld on
Wednesday, 14th May 2008

Simon Courtauld pays homage to one of the world's great sights

'Road is hilly, Don't be silly' was the advice by the roadside as our Nepali driver safely negotiated yet another hairpin bend and yet another pothole on the way up to the old Himalayan hill station of Darjeeling. Its tea gardens are still flourishing, its Planters Club is still there (though not flourishing), the air is fresh at 7,000 feet and for India relatively clean.

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An Affair to Remember: Today's Traveller

Cover Story : Best Colonial Hotels Across the World
By: Sundeep Murthy
Today's Traveller, June 15 - July 15, 2008

As a traveller, let this be your credo: Thou shalt never cease to explore and discover…
many faces, spaces and places in life…

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Ghosts of the Raj are Alive and Well in India

From Daily Express, Saturday June 16, 2007

Last night saw the start of a new BBC2 documentary series, The Lost World Of The Raj. In a country where change is a constant, STEPHEN McCLARENCE visits Darjeeling and discovers a charming hotel where rituals are still very much alive in India.

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10 Top Colonial Hotels in the Asia-Pacific

Asian Geographic Passport : 02/2009

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UFO in the Himalayas

By: Valentín Alejandro Ladra von Pepin

About 9 pm. As I seldom eat at night when I travel, I decided to seat comfortably at the magnificent terrace of the Windamere Hotel in Darjeeling, over 2100 meters high, just to stare at the dim house lights at the other side of the valley and do nothing, which in this uncanny world is a pleasure in itself. The fresh air and the silence of the night, with the glow of the distant moon –not full yet- over the mountains makes one, I assure you, feel very human again.

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Darjeeling is all the Raj

Journeys: The Spirit of Discovery: Michael Gebicki
has a frightfully spiffing time at the time-stalled Windamere Hotel | August 01, 2009

Article from: The Australian

BECAUSE of a mix-up with my bags at Bagdogra airport, because the Toy Train has derailed and blocked the road, because it takes us 30 minutes to drive through the bazaar, when we finally reach Darjeeling's Windamere Hotel, it is just in time to catch the tail end of afternoon tea.

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Indian Darjeeling Himalayan Railway

Im Spielzeugzug zum Himalaya

Eine Stück Eisenbahngeschichte: Eine Fahrt mit der legendären Schmalspurbahn muss nicht am Ziel enden

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Martin Parr, Revisited Windamere Hotel after 25 years

Imperial Echoes

Returning to the Windamere Hotel in Darjeeling after 25 years, photographer Martin Parr is delighted to find it still redolent of the long-gone days of the Raj...

Emma Hagestadt

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Matt Westrup reports on

A slice of old Britannia in Darjeeling...

Accommodation is often one of the priciest parts of any trip and sometimes you don’t get what you paid for; you’re promised character and get shoddiness or pay for intimacy and end up with small and pokey!

Matt Westrup reports on a slice of old Britannia in Darjeeling...

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