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Windamere Highlights

Feedback from the client and participants of our Easter Retreat…


Maybe it’s because we are the only property on what is a “holy hill” from the old days when Darjeeling was part of Sikkim (and well before the British came here). Apparently, the hill has “energetic and magnetic qualities”. Years ago, a lama from Pemayangste Monastery in Sikkim thought so; he made a special pilgrimage to our hill, and laid his shrine here. Today, the Hindu Pundits and Tibetan Buddhist lamas sit just above our property and dispense blessings and healings all day long.

This holy hill, on which the Windamere Hotel is built, was named Observatory Hill by the Colonial British, for the magnificent views that it offered over the great Himalayan peaks. In fact, the whole of the Himalayan range is one of the world’s ‘energy vortices’. All of this contributes to a special place to “just be in a state of Oneness with the Elements and the Forces of Nature”. In all aspects of our guest care, we completely underscore “Body, Mind & Spirit” in our attitude, service, room care and dining experience. On the more “physical side”, we offer deep therapeutic massage modalities in our ‘iTaTi Institutes’ Well Being Centre.

Long ago, we knew that a special part of our mandate was to offer our property for Well-Being Conferences and Retreats. To offer a place of rest, relaxation and an opportunity to go “inside” – to go to one's centre and stay there for a while. From here, the world looks different and many challenges to life seem to resolve themselves.

This last Easter (2011), we partnered with Rujuta Diwekar (a famous author on the subject), in holding ‘Easter at the Windamere – a Well-Being Retreat’. We were overwhelmed with the response. In fact, their feedback (taken from all participants) was as follows:

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Well-Being At The Windamere - Heritage Hotel Darjeeling