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The DHR Club-Windamere

The DHR Club

The Windamere sponsors The DHR Club, which is located on its Snuggery grounds. Although founded by and for railway enthusiasts, visitors with varying interests outside railways have sought admission in recent years to the club’s amenities. The club now welcomes to its fellowship, and provides a congenial meeting place, to the following: railway enthusiasts; explorers; mountaineers; geographers; naturalists; botanists; and zoologists.

The Club has a library and provides facilities for viewing films. It is housed in a 19th century stone cottage that is one of Darjeeling’s oldest buildings  and also best Oldest Heritage hotel in India.

The Lowell Thomas Room
The Lowell Thomas Room
The Royal Society for Asian Affairs
Royal Society for Asian Affairs
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The Heinrich Harrer Room
The Heinrich Harrer Room

DHR Club-Windamere Hotel Darjeeling