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Christmas Past – Windamere Darjeeling

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Wit & Whimsy - a Cabaret Extraordinaire’ by SARAH-LOUISE YOUNG
Sarah-Louise is an acclaimed internationally renowned cabaret performer, actress and writer
Named one of the 'Time Out' top 10 Cabaret Acts and voted 'Best Musical Variety Act' in the London Cabaret Awards.
She has appeared in the West End Theatre District of London, England; on BBC Radio 4 and at the prestigious 'Adelaide Cabaret Festival'. She has also played guest leading roles on Television.

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" make someone happy... "

Starring LAURA BRUNNER accompanied by PAUL ODEH

Christmas Week at Windamere - 20th December 2015 to 1st January 2016


"Laura is known for her strong and powerful vocal presentations, which have been seen and heard at The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts; The famous Montreux Jazz Festival and The Boston Pops Orchestra.

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"Laura is accompanied by a fabulous jazz musician from New York, who has played at top venues such as The Smithsonian Institute, The Newport jazz Festival and the Montreal

Jazz Festival


Christmas Week at Windamere : 2013
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“With A Song in my Heart...”

Christmas Week at Windamere - 20th December 2014 to 1st January 2015

The acclaimed headline entertainer of the Luxury Cruise Lines - with the "Hands of Liberace and the Voice of Mario Lanza".. .

Glenn Amer

"We are proud to announce a return to The Windamere of Glen Amer, International Headline Entertainer and acclaimed the world over as being gifted with “the fingers of Liberace & the voice of Mario Lanza!”.

Karuna Kourkova

"Karuna Kourkova is fast establishing herself as one of the most versatile young sopranos in Australia, with a dazzlingly broad repertoire, ranging from the florrid colortura arias of Mozart's great opera heroines, to jazz standards, musical theatre and world music.. "

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Christmas Week at Windamere : 2013
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“Direct from New York .... we present: Laura Brunner & Matt Nakoa”

Christmas Week t Windamere - 20th December 2013 to 1st January 2014

Two of America’s Finest Musical Talents Presenting you the music of Motown, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Broadway and some of your favourite songs.

Laura Brunner

"With a voice smooth as velvet and a hold vibrant musicality, vocalist and composer Laura Brunner is one of the most exciting creative voices in music today."

Matt Nakao

"With a soaring three-octave vocal range and a piano virtuosity rarely matched, Matt Nakoa proves himself one of the most talented young musicians coming up today. "

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Christmas Week at Windamere : 2012
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“Direct from London’s West End Stage… we present: Return of the Totties!”

Christmas Week at Windamere - 20th December 2012 to 1st January 2013

We are proud to announce, by popular demand, the return of the fabulous Totties bringing you entertainment from all our yesterdays, from Opera to Music Hall, “to amuse, titillate and warm your heart”

Carolyn Allen

"Among her television appearances she most memorably played Vonny the sexy stripper and snake charmer in Only Fools and Horses and Carol the best friend in The Upper Hand."

Paul Smith

"Paul began his career playing for cabaret all over Europe and America. "

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Christmas Week at Windamere :: 2011-2012
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'Anything Goes’.... starring Hetty Kate & Danny Bourne


Christmas Week at Windamere - 20th December 2011 to 1st January 2012

Hetty Kate

"....gorgeous timbre... echoes of Peggy Lee, June Christy and Julie London"
- Chris May in "All About Jazz"

Danny Bourne

"Every Performance is pure enjoyment and madness!"
- The Shuffle Club biography"

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Christmas Week at Windamere :: 2010-2011
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“Tottie at the Windamere”
...a man, a woman and a piano :
Carolyn Allen and Paul Smith

Christmas Week at Windamere - 20th December 2010 to 1st January 2011

“Thank you for making me laugh out loud!” said Joanna Lumley, the famous London stage and television actress. (We feel that this remark captures our wonderful entertainers for this year).

"Clever, classy, original, stylish – and, Carolyn is dead sexy too. All this, and Cole Porter too! To say nothing of Bizet... who could ask for anymore", wrote Gyles Brandreth, the well known writer, BBC broadcaster, acclaimed ceremony host and former MP and Government Whip.

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Christmas Week at Windamere :: 2009-2010
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Entertainment, directly from Los Angeles

Christmas Week at Windamere - 20th December 2009 to 1st January 2010

The Windamere is thrilled to bring to you this year, straight from the spotlights of Los Angeles,
the entertainers Andromeda Turre and Justis Kao:

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Andromeda Turre

Andromeda Turre

Vocalist | Songwriter | Actress | Dancer

Andromeda's professional career started with Ray Charles as a background vocalist or "Raelette".  During her time with the Ray Charles Orchestra she was promoted to vocal director and arranger while performing as the lead Raelette.  After working with Mr. Charles, Andromeda was hired as the lead vocalist for the J.C. Hopkins Biggish Band where she sang jazz standards and J. C.'s Grammy award-winning original tunes from New York to LA.  She also acted as ''Rose'' in J. C.'s play "Rose does Rico".

Andromeda went on to star in Woody Allen's "Murder Mystery Blues" at the Midtown Theater in New York in which she was acting, singing, dancing and playing the piano during the show.  Andromeda's studio credits include several commercials, background vocals / songwriting / producing on several albums and featured vocals on the film score for Cafe and Tobacco, which won a Moondance International Film Festival Award.

An international success, Andromeda has performed across America, the Caribbean, Europe and Asia. She was featured as the "Queen of the Blues" singing with the Jazz Big Band at Tokyo Disney in Japan for 14 months. While there she recorded her debut album "Introducing Andromeda Turre" which was up for a 2008 Grammy for Best Vocal Jazz Album. The self-produced album contains four original songs and several jazz classics all arranged by Ms.Turre.

Andromeda has formal training in Vocal Performance / Music Business from Berklee College of Music, Theater from the Boston Conservatory and Dance from Alvin Ailey and Dance Theater of Harlem. She also studied piano and composition with Sonelius Smith and voice with Marni Nixon.

After a successful tour in Italy, Andromeda is looking forward to performing there again this fall.

And here are some key press quotes about Andromeda:

"dangerously attractive... soulful voice" - New York Times
"talented... glamorous... gorgeous" - British Theater Guide
"Very talented, and a body any costume designer loves!!" - Michael
"a beautiful woman... strong performance" - Peter Santilli, Associated Press
"tantalizing femme fatale" - The New Yorker
"brilliant musician... awesome performance" -

Justis Kao

Justis Kao

Singer | Songwriter | Pianist | Arranger | Producer

Los Angeles Music Award Best Male
Singer/Songwriter of the Year
Nominee for the 2008 Orange County Music Awards

Justis Kao blends the sounds of Pop, R&B, Gospel, Jazz and Funk to create music that inspires the soul. He won Best Male Singer/Songwriter for the 2006 Los Angeles Music Awards. Justis is currently working on writing for his full-length debut album due out later this year.

"I write because I want to express through music what I often don't know how to soy. Music is the one thing that transcends all racial, ethnic, cultural and language barriers. As a singer and songwriter, I hope that my voice and music might be able to encourage others to live life full of dreams and passion that would inspire this generation ."

Originally from Toronto, Canada, Justis graduated with a degree in Contemporary Writing & Production from Berklee College of Music in Boston. Trained as a classical pianist but influenced by the sounds of Gospel, Jazz and Rhythm & Blues, Justis' music has been likened to the sounds of Brion McKnight, Stevie Wonder, and Babyface. In January 2008, Justis was invited to sing at the New Baptist Covenant Celebration held at the Georgia World Congress Center with President Jimmy Corter & President Bill Clinton.

"Justis Kao's charismatic singing voice grabs me from the first note. His compositions evoke feelings of Stevie Wonder and classic R&B. He's a winner for me!
Bob Katz, Mastering Engineer for the 2003 Invisible album

"Justis Kao is a wonderful musician who has multi-faceted skills: he's a fine vocalist, songwriter and a keyboardist who creates intricate figures and interesting harmonies that compliment his silky, mellifluous voice"
Jock Perricone, Songwriting Choir, Berklee College of Music

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Christmas Week at Windamere :: 2008-2009
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An evening in Paris - with Trebeka

Christmas Week at Windamere - 20th December 2008 to 1st January 2009

Presenting TREBEKA - Entertainer to the World

We are excited to bring to the Windamere for your enjoyment, an entertainer who is so popular that she is booked solid for one year in advance, with no fewer than 235 musical engagements a year.  Her engagements take her to Paris, New York, London, Quebec, Beijing, Tokyo, Dubai, Bangkok, Santiago de Chile, Quagadougou, Singapore... and, now, to Darjeeling, for Christmas at the Windamere!... she is, truly, one of the busiest and most beloved of vocalists on the international entertainment circuit today.

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Christmas Week at Windamere
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"Love is a Many Splendoured Thing!"

Christmas Week at Windamere - 20th December 2007 to 1st January 2008

Why not come for Christmas this year to 'Windamere in the Himalayas'? It may be an experience of a lifetime. 'Windamere' is nestled on Observatory Hill in beautiful Darjeeling, long known as a place of mystery and romance where the Gods reside. The hotel has been famous for its entertainment since 1939.

Windamere is privileged to present this year as its featured entertainer Mr. Glenn Amer.

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Christmas Week at Windamere :: 2006-2007
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"The Roaring '20s, the Gay '30s & All That Ja-a-a-a-zz!"

Christmas Week at Windamere - 20th December 2006 to 1st January 2007

Come to the Himalayas, to Darjeeling, the abode of the Gods, to spend a holiday at the romantic Windamere Hotel, during Christmas 2006, for an unforgettable musical experience of the ’20s and ’30s...

Windamere Hotel is proud to present straight from the world-famous Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai, UAE - Diane White in 'The Roaring '20s, the Gay '30s & All That Ja-a-a-a-zz!' with Lance Anderson

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Christmas Week at Windamere :: 2005-2006
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"I Went to a Marvellous Party"

Christmas Week at Windamere - 20th December 2005 to 1st January 2006

"They had a talent to amuse!" - The Songs and Music of Noel Coward . . .

Windamere Hotel is proud to present . . . Extraordinary entertainer and acclaimed British singer, actor, and poet James Windsor with Angela Russell in "I Went to a Marvellous Party".… Also making an appearance is guest artiste and popular trans-Atlantic star of stage and cabaret Elizabeth Clarke

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Christmas Week at Windamere :: 2004-2005
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"Thanks for the Memories"

Christmas Week at Windamere - 20th December 2004 to 1st January 2005

Mrs. P.L.Tenduf La, who has presided over all our Christmas celebrations for the past half-century,
will soon be celebrating her one-hundredth birthday.

Windamere Hotel is proud to pay tribute to her, on the eve of her one-hundredth birthday,
by presenting the music of two of the West Ends finest talents, David Arneil and Stefan Bednarczyk
in "Thanks for the Memories"

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Christmas Week at Windamere :: 2003-2004
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"The Magic of the Musicals"

Christmas Week at Windamere - 20th December 2003 to 1st January 2004

Windamere Hotel is proud to present two of the most talented entertainers in the world Lucie Florentine & Shena Sanders in "The Magic of the Musicals" accompanied by: Matthew Brown

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Christmas Week at Windamere :: 2002-2003
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Christmas Week at Windamere

20th December 2002 to 1st January 2003

Windamere Hotel is proud to present Dana Gillespie

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Goodbye to the 20th Century
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"Goodbye to the 20th Century"

Christmas Week at Windamere - 22th December 1999 to 1st January 2000

The outstanding Millennium Christmas of 1999 drew guests from 15 countries, including Brazil, Britain, the United States, Canada,Germany, Switzerland, Australia, South Africa, Thailand, Japan and China.



Christmas week also features

  • Windamere's 'Outdoor Entertainment – around the bonfire in our 'Garden Enclosed''
  • Choirs singing Christmas carols with Himalayan flair
  • Windamere's Christmas & New Year dinners served a la Windamere.



It is the Season to be jolly - and also to recall happydays and loved ones.
May we raise a glass to you again this year and say

Here's to the merry old world,
And the days - be they bright or blue -
Here's to the Fates, let them bring what they may,
But the best of them all - that's you!