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Windamere Memories & Souvenirs

Mr. Henry Carpenter’s Boots - Windamere Hotel

Mr. Henry Carpenter’s boots

World-traveller, philanthropist, naturopath, ardent Buddhist, and student of the paranormal, Henry Carpenter hailed from New Jersey in America. He was a great friend, and admirer, of Sardar Bahadur Laden La, the leading Buddhist of Darjeeling, and took a kindly interest in his children. Mrs. Mary P.L. Tenduf La, Mr. Laden La's daughter, the erstwhile owner of Windamere Hotel, would fondly recall in later years, that Mr. Carpenter had wanted to take her to America to develop her psychic powers. Mr. Carpenter left Darjeeling for America in 1930, leaving his boots behind in Mrs. Tenduf La's keeping, until his return the following year. He never came back. For the next seventy-four years, until her own death, Mrs. Tenduf La's maids, under her direction, cared for Mr. Carpenter's boots: aired in good weather, placed by the fire in wet, polished to a high gloss in all seasons. Dear, Mr. Henry Carpenter. Gone. Never forgotten!

Burra Babu's typewriter A Gift from The Maharaja of Bhutan - Windamere Hotel The Century Old Bell - Windamere Hotel

Burra Babu's typewriter.
Retired, 1949

A Gift from the President of
Aeronautical Radio of Thailand

"Sir’s" Calling Bell
The Iron Duke – Windamere Hotel   

The Iron Duke
of the Windamere

Victorian Lamp Shade
The lamp that lit the dormitory at Loreto Convent, Darjeeling,
when Vivien Leigh
("Gone With The Wind")
was a pupil.
Welcome At The Windamere - Heritage Hotel Darjeeling
at the Windamere

Dining Room Gong - Windamere Hotel
Dining Room Gong:
First guest: "Good Heavens! Is it lunch time, already?"
Second guest: "We've just had elevenses, for God's sake!"

Letter To Windamere - Heritage Hotel Darjeeling Letter To A Daughter 1918 - Windamere Hotel

Letter to the Windamere - 1941
click on the letter to read.

Letter to a daughter:
written by Private Joseph Sturgess to his young daughterwhile he was stationed in India during World War I. He came from Portchester, Hampshire, England, and called his house "Darjeeling", on returning home in 1919.
This letter is dated 24th May, 1918.
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Windamere Memories & Souvenirs - Heritage Hotel Darjeeling